Saturday, 9 April 2011

Summer Sun, Something's begun

I love love love this amazing weather London is experiencing.
DP is now back from skiing and so he came over last night for some banter with Mazo and I.
We ended up wandering around and then we went to Giraffe near Liverpool Street which was a deliciousness meal.
One of my favourite things about summertime is the long, mild nights and yesterday was just perfect.
A really nice way to round off the week spend in the library.
Here are some photos from last night. 
Today there is the potential for a double post - Mazo and I are going to visit a chocolate festival near Waterloo later thanks to a recommendation from our friend Jack.

No need to edit this photo - could be a postcard!

Dave and Mazo - Dave totally out smarted us in his suit!

Dave and I - most ridic photo of the evening, I look hideous.

Beautiful Big Eyes!

'Which dish has the most meat?'

Result of a hard night! 

Got home last night and just had a HUGE urge to bake again - so here is yet another pavlova!

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