Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chocolate & Books.

Yet again the weather was perfect yesterday.
Mazo and I didn't want to be stuck in the house/library all day so we decided to grab a frappuccino and then go for a walk along the South Bank.
Everybody seemed to have the same idea - the population of London doubles when the sun comes out.

We headed to Waterloo to visit the Chocolate Festival which Jack had recommended - ironic that this was held over the hottest weekend in April EVER!
All the food looked amazing and I've come away with ideas of what to bake next. 
The major problem was just how expensive everything was but it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Before we reached the stalls we came across the famous South Bank Book Market which is held everyday during the day. 
The tables piled high with books are found under Waterloo Bridge and I truly believe that you could find anything you wanted. 
There were even vintage maps available which would look great in a frame. Mazo bought the DVD of 'we own the night' for £3 which we then watched last night over dinner - bargain!

Hope you all have a great Sunday. XX

The flowers outside out flat - they are taking over, but look great at the same time.

The 'City'

Found this guy sculpturing Shakespeare out of sand on the way to the market

Quite possibly my favourite author - not that I'm biased.

Mary LOVES chocolate!

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