Friday, 8 April 2011

Learn Something


- I still haven't eaten the carrots which I blogged about in my first 'Learn Something' post - 2 WEEKS AGO!! Oops.

- It is so depressing being in the library on a Friday afternoon, when all I want to do is enjoy the HOT HOT sunshine in one of London's parks.


- I NEED to go on holiday. May not seem a serious point but to me it is! A nice break where I don't need to worry about anything inc. exams.

- This week I've decided to try and do something to raise money for charity over the summer. Not sure what - some suggestions would be great. Maybe a bake off?!

Really want to go to Gozo, Malta. All pictures via

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - make use of the sunshine while it lasts. X

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