Tuesday, 3 January 2012


2012 has arrived - sorry for the lack of posting over the last week or so. Firstly, we have had a major lack of Internet in the house which makes writing any posts a long drawn out process. I've also been away with friends at a camp and I only arrived home yesterday. I always enjoy spending New Year with friends in the country however, last night I did appreciate the 11 hours sleep compared to the average 4 hours I had over the last week.
I've thought about writing some goals/resolutions for 2012. I normally don't because I think they are a waste of time but somehow I feel that this is the time for a lifestyle change.

Eat more veg.
Walk (almost) everywhere.
Cook/bake more.
Continue blogging and see this blog grow.
Write more letters.
Read 12 books, cover to cover.
Get dressed everyday!
No snoozing.
Become more organised with my time.
See a gig with Scott.
See more of London.
Go to a roller disco.
Take more photos.
Treasure the small things and enjoy the moments.
Learn to say NO.
Start to save a little.

What are your goals for 2012?

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