Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Five crispy pancakes in a frying pan

Yesterday was pancake day - this always seems to creep up!
We went to our friend Dave's house to make pancakes - they were delicious.
The experience of sieving flour through a colander due to a lack of sieve was interesting!
 I have now rekindled my love of blueberries and we had a variety of toppings like bacon, lemon, syrup, chocolate.
It was nice to spend the day with such good friends. 
In other news - I made my first ever batch of red velvet cupcake this week. I was pleasantly surprised. They will be made again. 
Here are some pictures from last night and the new cupcakes.
Hope you all had some great pancake tossing experiences. X

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! Y'alls pancakes look amazing!! I'd definitely love for you to send me one of those straight through the computer screen!! YUM!!


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