Sunday, 13 March 2011

It's your Birthday..We gon' party like it's your Birthday

On Friday, Nadine and I had the joy of celebrating our Birthday together with lots of our friends. 
It was so great to see so many people there - we both felt very loved. Thanks.
We went for dinner near Piccadilly and then went for a SNOG (frozen yoghurt) in Soho.
Some of my bessies from other walks of life came and stayed which made the night even more special. 
Also my good friend from school completely styled us- Thank You Nat!
The next morning we then had an amazing breakfast together, which was really great.
To continue our surprises Mary had organised books which all our friends wrote in! So so sweet. Thanks Mazo. 
So here are some photos from the night (sorry there are so many - they are all great).. 
Hope you enjoy.
Also - we may be turning 21 but that doesn't mean we can't have a dinosaur cake! He was amazing.
Hope you have all have a lovely Spring weekend.

Nadine and I

Nadzo, Mazo and I

Nadzo, Davey P, Jezza and I

Stu, Zach, Nat, Nadine and I


Nadine, Charlesy and I

Laura, Nadine, Fox and I

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  1. Happy birthday! Haha. You are never too old for a dinosaur cake!


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