Thursday, 17 November 2011

Luscious Locks

After reading Vivianna's review of this product I just had to rush out and find it because with the Winter setting in, my hair is suffering. 
This product is the V05 Miracle Concentrate - and it really is a miracle product.

Quite often products which claim to be 'a miracle' fall short of the mark but this really doesn't!
I've been pipetting about a 1p size into my palms and running through towel dried hair (just the ends) and I've never seen my hair so shiny and soft. 

It has a really lovely salon type smell which lasts throughout the day.
I've had problems in the past with product build-up in my hair and so I'm always slightly nervous about using anything bar shampoo and conditioner, but this oil doesn't seem to be affecting the build up situation at all.
I really would recommend this to any girl who wants shiny, soft hair and it doesn't break the bank.
I got it from Boots for £4.99 for 50ml which I think is great - it will take ages to use up because you only need the tiniest amount each time. 

Has anyone used any similar products like Moroccan Oil?

Yey, it's Friday!

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