Monday, 31 October 2011


I spent this weekend in Liverpool.
I am awful at accents (it is a well known fact) so the only word I can say in a scouse accent is 'worm'.
This word has been definitely overused during the last 3 days.
It was great seeing people again!

Anyway here are some photos from the weekend away:

I do love feet photos!!

Joel, Jasmine and Chazzy - looking very windswept.
We took a ferry from Wallasey (where we were staying) to Liverpool.

Some really interesting and beautiful buildings.

Scott, Tom and Stuart.
Stu couldn't stop singing the whole weekend - looks like he is mid-song here.

Myself and Andrew my dear friend and co-pianist. 


  1. Stuart looks deliriously happy!! is he high?!

  2. Could easily have been - was like that all weekend! XX

  3. hahaa. lovely shoes btw! xx


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