Saturday, 23 April 2011

Long time, no see.

Yesterday was beautiful weather wise but also a great day spent with a favourite of mine.

Everyone meet Scott, my boy of 4 years: 

Today we finally saw each other after 3 months apart. It was quite spontaneous and a nice surprise as I thought I wouldn't get to see him for another couple of weeks. We have both been busy with uni work in different cities which has meant we haven't been able to see each other.

We spent the morning in Windsor, where people are going crazy for the Royal wedding next week - Will and Kate's faces were everywhere. Windsor is one of my favourite places to visit and because Scott lives really close we go quite often. It is just so quintessentially English.

We then spent the afternoon at a lake which is being used during the 2012 Olympics and is also really quite pretty.

Scott has also decided to name himself the 'goose whisperer' and they did seem to love him as shown by the photo below. 

Today was just a lovely day to catch up! One of the best days I've had in AGES...

Sorry for the lack of the 'learn something' series. Yesterday was such a lovely day in itself that I decided to leave the lessons for next week.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and Happy Easter! XX

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for the comment on my blog, how on earth did you get Angry Birds to work, you have to tell me!


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