Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding

Yesterday was the day we had been waiting for. The day which had led to months and months of extravagant preparation. The ROYAL wedding of Will and Kate.

I remember when I was younger and I really couldn't be bothered with any sort of royal occasion. My parents would watch the weddings etc and I was just bored.
How times have changed. Kate and William are our generation.

Yesterday we felt part of history and the atmosphere in Trafalgar Square was indescribable. Simply amazing - I will never forget it! 

Kate looked beautiful and it was so sweet when William told her in Westminster Abbey. 
Pippa's bridesmaid dress was also gorgeous.
And THE TREES - I was dubious when I saw photos of these being put into the church earlier this week but now I love the idea of them! 

It was also clear to see that the wedding really was Kate and William's day and not simply another royal wedding. They looked at ease and I think that was lovely.

My sister and her friend came down to watch it with us - we have an allegiance towards Kate seeing as we live 5 miles from her home in Bucklebury. 

So here are some pictures from out experience of the Bank Holiday and the festivities. 
Hope you all watched the wedding and enjoyed the day off.
Don't forget it! XX

Chazzy, Catherine, Fox and I

Catherine and Chazzy

Jo and I

Chazzy with her 20 flags

Stu and Jo

Chazzy & Mazo

Catherine, Chazzy, Paul and Nadzo

Just beautiful. The reason we were all here.


  1. So jealous you were there! Wasn't it just lovely? I loved every second of it!


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