Friday, 1 April 2011

Learn Something...

Lessons from the week which has maybe been the fastest in history...

- When I get sucked into my mundane, daily routine it is easy to forget about the people who I miss the most (they are featured in the photos below).

- Although the clocks going forward last week was a pain on the sleep front, the light evenings really are lovely - although they are ruining my eating pattern.

- Blueberries are just AMAZING! Fruit of the month?!

My sister Chazzy - seeing you soon dear!

Miss 'making' music with these guys!

Deeds and Nemi - need another reunion soon?!

Scott and Connor (BF & BFF)

Jo and Mo

- Every experience is a learning experience - whatever it may be.

- I was sent this recently, an amazing story - imagine if we were all like this!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the sunshine. XX

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