Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pavlova, Pavarotti

A quick post tonight to just show you my new baking experience.
Saturday afternoon is definitely the nicest time to bake.

Pavlova is a family favourite, with my Gran making a mean strawberry and white chocolate one.
They carry a weight of apprehension because it is such an easy recipe to get wrong.
I was pleasantly surprised to be honest for a first attempt.
Followed Delia Smith's recipe which is almost impossible to get wrong - she was is the queen of cooking. Apparently Pavlova is an Australian dessert - I had never heard that before?!

Anyway here are some pictures of how it turned out. 
I used blueberries due to a lack of strawberries and also because they are a favourite fruit at the moment as stated in a previous post.

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday. XX

Just out of the Gas Mark 1 oven after an hour.

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