Monday, 28 March 2011

Two Birds, One Stone.

Finally I've managed to get back to another market - the purpose of this blog!
Yesterday I cycled over to Liverpool Street and visited Spitalfields and Brick Lane.
It was a totally different experience from all the other markets.

This church is found between Spitalfields and Brick Lane

Covent Garden, on reflection, felt commercialised compared to the rawness of Brick Lane - a network of bustling streets and stalls selling anything from oysters to old cameras.
On Brick Lane there are 2 main dedicated spaces to stalls - Sunday Up Market and Backyard Market. Vintage clothes are sold here for a reasonable price alongside some great smelling food. Definitely a market which I will try to get to regularly.

Spitalfields has always been one of my favourite areas of London, even not on a market day. 
The huge open, covered space provides the perfect place for a market and yesterday there were hundreds of stalls. The majority of stalls sell clothes - particularly pretty handmade dresses, but there are some other unusual stalls inc. a stall that sells flower head bands and old Penguin books.

I would easily say that visiting this area of East London really is one of the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon - especially when the weather is gorgeous.
I also feel that this has been my favourite market experience so far.

Spitalfields: Tube- Liverpool Street, Main market - Sunday 10am-5pm
Brick Lane: Liverpool Street/Aldgate East/Old Street, All day Saturday and Sunday.

Has anyone else been to these markets? What did you think?
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. XX

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