Friday, 4 March 2011

Oh my starry eyed surprise, sundown to sunrise...

I've gone home for 5 days which means that I won't be visiting any markets/this post isn't about markets. I just had to share something which happened to me this week, which I am still in shock about. 

Tuesday was the 1st of March and I went out to dinner with my brother and when I came home I found my flat filled with people, in the dark - my great amazing flatmate (Mary) had organised a surprise birthday party. It did come as a surprise seeing as my birthday isn't for 2 weeks. It had been co-ordinated that I would be out of the house so Mary could set up - can't believe that my brother didn't let it slip! My other flatmate has her birthday on Monday so Mary just wanted to start off the month celebrations. I walked into the living room to be greeted by screams and party poppers and as I thought we were being robbed I screamed too.

But it was great to see such a random mix of people from all aspects of our university life. I still can't believe that she had done all this in secret and I had never suspected anything! She even had spoken to some of my course mates who came, another surprise in itself. Good job!
Anyway, here are some photos. The video of the moment where I opened the door to find 30 people in my living room will be posted in due course... All the photos were taken by Mary and the video was filmed by my good friend Zach!

I'll be back blogging about markets next week - sorry for the digression.
Have a lovely weekend. X 

Thanks Mary and David!

The lady who organised it all: Mary!

The 3 of us!

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  1. That is so sweet of her! How awesome that they got it on video!!


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