Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I ventured over to West London today to help out with a climate change workshop - it was loads of fun. Children are so smart and enthusiastic!
 Yesterday I said that the weather was going to be 18 degrees today and I'm sure it was hotter. It was gorgeous.. I cycled home and while going through Hyde Park people were sunbathing and eating ice cream - it could easily have been June July!
Today I enjoyed my: first bike ride of 2011 (it has been so cold and wet), my first ice cream (magnum classic) and my first tshirt day.
I hardly ever go to West London, although it probably has some of the most famous London landmarks. I took some pictures as I cycled home so you can have a look at how beautiful the weather was. I love the Spring transition.
Hope you all had a lovely midweek day. XX

First Ice Cream van of 2011?!

Royal Albert Hall

Hyde Park

First Ice Cream!

Preparations for the Royal wedding next month.

Most famous house in Britain?!

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  1. Fabulous pictures! How cool that you can ride your bike to such neat landmarks!


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