Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pins #14

It is Saturday again, thank goodness. Grab the button and share your pins from the week!

Made You Look


1. Ingenious way to display and store necklaces.
2. Recently Bryan Adams is the only person I've been listening too. Maybe all time favourite?!
3. Missing San Francisco and the beautiful buildings.
4. I want this hairstyle!
5. I'm not sure I could sleep in this bed because of the fear of drowning but it is a great photo.
6. When I first saw this pin I thought that just the pencil nibs made a great photo but look at the lead - that is amazing!
7. Cute mice!
8. Still having a candle obsession.
9. I'm may be coming round to liking ducks?!
10. This type of advertising really annoys me at Uni but I really like this idea.

Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. Love me some pinterest! I've never seen anything like that necklace storage before--super cute and creative. 

  2. I know it's great isn't it! X

  3. Courtney Johnson11 March 2012 at 20:24

    Honor love your pins! I tried to link up with you for the Saturday Pins, but for some reason it won't show my link above!

  4. Aaaah no!!! I'm not sure what's up. So frustrating. I'll make sure to test it for next week. And thanks for your lovely comment - I can't wait to see your pins! X


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