Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lush Haul

To celebrate handing in my dissertation last week I decided to head over to Lush and get myself some bath time goodies. Recently, I've been indulging in baths and have been having at least one a week so I thought it would be nice to try some new products.

Above is the Yuzu and Coco Bubbleroon which I think just looks like a HUGE orange macaroon. This should last about 2 baths because you can quite easily pull it apart. I've used half already and absolutely loved the smell. It also made my skin super smooth. This was £2.95.

This is the Rose Queen Ballistic which was £2.50. Again I've tried this out and although I love the smell of rose I was a bit disappointed. Firstly, I was expecting it to produce at least a few bubbles but sadly I just had a bath full of pink water. Although this smelt divine it also was crammed full of huge stems and leaves which although they smelt great I didn't fancy sharing my tub with a literal rose bush.

Above is the Butterball which was £2.40. I haven't tried this before but I think I'm going to love it. It smells so creamy and so many of my body butters are like this that I'm sure it will be great.

So a bit of a mixed bag for my recent haul but a great experience all the same. I find it so difficult deciding what to choose when I visit. The Covent Garden staff were lovely and helpful as always.

Can you recommend any LUSH products?
Have a lovely day.

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