Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wishes {7}

I can't believe it has been so long - last week I handed in my dissertation and I've had a quiet weekend but now I'm back blogging for good. Once again I'm linking up with Brooke for my set of Wednesday Wishes:


ONE: Blog more!

I did feel slightly empty when I was away from the blogosphere so I just wish that I can keep posting over the next few months although I'll be super busy.

TWO: Essie Ballet Slippers

I just love this colour but sadly can't justify spending £10 on a nail polish. Does anyone know of any good dupes?

THREE: Youtube

This week I've set up my own Youtube channel - just need to get up the courage to post a video and get over my shyness.

FOUR: Graduate

I cannot actually wait to graduate and start the new chapter of my life!

If you fancy sharing your wishes then head over to Brooke's blog.


  1. That must be so exciting to graduate soon and I love that YouTube picture ha

  2. Such a pretty shade of nail polish!


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