Thursday, 15 March 2012

Benefit POREfessionally Pretty

Diet Coke is amazing and I love it even more when they have an offer in conjunction with Benefit.
A while ago I received the POREfessionally Pretty set which comes with a full size Porefessional along with a Girl Meets Pearl and Erase Paste.

Girls Meets Pearl: For years now I've been using Benefit's Highbeam as a highlighter and I have loved it so this product had a hard job living up to my expectations. And sadly I don't think I will be repurchasing this. When I love a product I will reach for it daily and I have barely thought about this product. This will last for ages because you only need a tiny bit but I find it to be quite extreme for daily use and compared to Highbeam I don't like the application technique. Here you squeeze the product onto your finger compared to Highbeam which comes with a brush, almost like a nail varnish, which I think is much better. I also don't think this product blends in awfully well. 

Erase Paste: My Mum uses Erase Paste as a concealer so again I was expecting it to be good. Firstly, I was sent the standard colour of Medium and personally I think I would have been better suited to Fair. This product gives heavy coverage so if that is what you are looking for then definitely look at this product. Again I find it hard to blend into the skin and I'm still in love with my Collection 2000 concealer which I can get for a fraction of the price.

POREfessional: This product really is the start of the show. It is a primer which unlike others that I've tried is tinted and not pure white. Primers are such odd products and I find that I don't notice a huge difference when I'm using them but definitely notice when I forget to apply it before my foundation. I have HUGE pores on my face and this does a good job of minimising them and providing a matte base for my make up. However, I think it performs to the same standard as Number 17 Photo Flawless Primer which again can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

So on the whole a bit of a mixed bag but again if you love Benefit products then maybe look at getting this set!

Have a lovely day!

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