Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday Wishes {6}

The sixth week that I'm linking up with Brooke for another set of Wednesday Wishes. Fancy it? Grab the button below.


ONE: Sunshine
Not even sunshine but just for spring to come. Over the weekend London was hit with snow and although I love a good snowball fight I'm kind of ready to stop being freezing ALL the time.

TWO: A New Wardrobe
Along with the change of season I always struggle to find something to wear. I always think "how did I survive last year with these clothes".

THREE: Printed Photos.
I miss getting photos developed in the local chemist and the suspense of waiting to see how they turned up. Photos don't belong in a computer folder but up on the wall.

What are your wishes this Wednesday?


  1. I need a new wardrobe ASAP. I was just thinking about that this morning!

  2. I need a new wardrobe too! My husband doesn't understand that you have to buy clothes a few times a year. He thinks clothes should last a few years before buying more. Silly man.

  3. I have lots of serious wishes ... but decided this week to go a bit goofy..."wish I was a little bit taller".   Your wishes are great...I'm wishing for warmer weather too.  Hope you come visit me sometime

  4. Hey girl! Your email isn't linked to you blogger account! So apparently I tried replying to your comment you left and until today I didn't realize your email isn't attached so they have been going to the noreply-comment one! Sorry! :)
    Here is a link to a post that shows you how to fix it if you are interested!


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