Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Wishes {3}

Once again I've linked up with Brooks from Bright Wishes to bring you my 3rd set of weekly wishes!


ONE: A holiday

Croatia would do nicely!

TWO: Skater Dress

I love this spotty skater dress from ASOS!

THREE: Lack of mould
I realise that this is a totally gross wish but it is a problem that our flat has been battling with for ages. I came back after Christmas to find the wall beside my bed just covered in it. Anyway it will hopefully be sorted but it is so annoying. I would like this bedroom above, purely because there isn't any mould present. Also when I was looking for some related photos on Google I came across this company who sell wall stickers which look like mould. Why would you ever do that??

FOUR: Naked Palette

So many pretty colours!!

FIVE: Dissertation to be finished.

Now I've reached 6 weeks countdown to the deadline it is really heating up. 

What wishes do you have?


  1. I've wanted that Naked palette for SO long! There's a Naked 2 out now, doesnt look much diff though x

    1. I know - I think I prefer the original palette. X

  2. Great wishes!! I love skater dresses :)

  3. Dissertation! You are totally amazing! This is my first trip here! Found you through Bright Wishes. And mold is disgusting! And can cause so many health problems. I hope y'all get that fixed asap!

    1. Thanks - you're really sweet. Loved your blog too. X

  4. That is a beautiful picture of Croatia!! So perfect looking! Love your list!

    1. Thanks dear - Croatia looks gorgeous. X


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