Thursday, 19 January 2012

London Favourites

This year is the 4th year I've been living in London and I thought I would share my favourite things to do. Some of them are crazy tourist things but more often than not I find myself returning to the same places. It is such a diverse city that you could literally find everything you ever wanted.

1. Visit a farm like Mudchute. 
Nadine and I spent one of our Birthdays here and we had such a great time - so many animals and it is amazing to think that it is only a stones throw away from Canary Wharf.

2. Try and spot THE ghost bus.
This bus literally stalks me - I see it all the time and no-one else seems to. Challenge yourself and try and spot it. It's black and scary.

3. Visit Hampstead Heath in July
We always seem to visit this area over the summer months and it is just beautiful. They have a mini zoo there and if the weather is hot it is the perfect place to have a picnic. Also the walk from the tube station is one of my favourites because there are so many beautiful houses.

4. Go to Portobello Road.
Last year I had to do a project on this little street and it really is lovely - from the coffee shops to the vintage market stalls. Defo take a trip here.

5. Go to Spitalfields market and Brick Lane.
Just another nice market full of gorgeous shops and stalls with anything you could wish for. Great food too.

6. Grab some food in China Town.
Dirt cheap and hits the spot!

7. Grab a drink at Horinman Hays.
This is such a nice, old pub in Hay's Galleria near London Bridge. Some amazing views over the river and of all the tall towers in the city.

8. Cycle a Boris Bike.
This new(ish) cycle scheme is not only convienent and cheap but it is also a great way to see London. Although don't head onto Elephant & Castle Roundabout, you WILL regret it.

9. Go on a boat trip on the river.
Another great way to get about this city but maybe go in the summer and try the Duck Tours.

10. See a gig at the O2/Shepherd's Bush
The O2 arena is HUGE and Shepherd's Bush is a lovely intimate place but they are both great to go to gigs. Do try and go! Joshua Radin was really good in Shepherd's Bush last year.

What are you favourite places in London?


  1. omg!! I'm so jealous of your life!! Can I come visit!? :)

  2. I've been 4 times in London and I'll probably return one month this autumn.The things I probably like the most are Camden town (and market),Portobello road,Oxford street and Baker street(I'm a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes!)
    but I like London in general:the atmosphere,the lights,the people...London is a place full of different races and I love that!

    1. I love Camden too - haven't been in ages. Thanks for sharing. X


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