Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Getting into the festivities

I've been reading a lot of blogs recently and everyone seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit through their beauty products, esp their nails.
So my challenge today after removing my chipped red nail varnish was to find a shade which reflected this time of year.
With the nights drawing in by almost 4pm I feel that some glitter is essential to brighten any bad moods.
I'm currently on a nail varnish ban so I had to use a pretty old Barry M gold shade which I have had since I was at school, i.e. since forever. 

Gold just resembles Christmas so I thought this was the perfect choice.
It is quite a thin polish so this took about 3/4 coats to get the level of shimmer I wanted.
It would be the perfect nail varnish for layering over another colour, maybe a deep purple or red.
Does anyone else have any favourite festive shades? 

Have a lovely Wednesday.

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  1. Defo mindread me.. have been getting major depressed at the dark evenings and been searching around for some nice sparkle for the digits to cheer up with! I'm trying to find a good sparkly top coat to put over other colours. Def feeling the red and gold right now too. And maybe black too, found this the other day, prettyyy X


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