Friday, 18 February 2011

'If I was a rich girl...'

I would buy lots of lovely antiques to fill my future home.
Some girls have their weddings planned since they were 5. Not me.
I would much rather dream about my 2 up 2 down first home (hopefully) which I can fill with lots of interesting pieces. 
I have always loved interior design programmes - Changing Rooms is a particular favourite. Sadly at the moment they all seem to be shown at 11am which isn't very helpful. Homes under the hammer is pretty good though.
 My Mother strongly dislikes my obsession with 'tat' but I don't think I will ever change. My sister also seems to be on my wavelength, collecting almost everything she comes across.
Sadly, at the markets I have visited so far nothing has caught my eye...(or they have been slightly out of my student budget).

Uni work has been mega busy over the last couple of weeks and therefore I haven't been able to visit any markets. :(
But once another essay is handed in this Tuesday I'm planning to have some 'me' time and go for a wander.

Anyone been to Spitalfields market? Again, I live so close but have only ever walked past. It would be great to hear some thoughts on this market - it is pretty well-known.
Another one I want to check out this week is near Piccadilly in St James' Churchyard. Any opinions?

Now for a weekend of essay writing (again)... Currently writing this post from the library where I have been since Monday.. February is such a depressing month.

I'll report back with photos next week.
Have a lovely weekend. XX 


  1. Who doesn't love Changing Rooms. I mean Handy Andy, come on.

  2. I knew you would notice that! X

  3. I'm exactly the same, I don't have anything planned for a wedding and have never done so, I'd much rather plan my future house!


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