Wednesday, 16 May 2012

17 Mirror Shine Peace & Flirtini

Recently, I was in Boots and checked out my individual offers on the machines which are in store and I found something absolutely amazing - 2 Mirror Shine Lipsticks for the price of 1. Seriously, if you never look at the offers available in store you are losing out!! I picked up the shades Peace and Flirtini, Peace being more orange and Flirtini being a pink. These lipsticks don't have great colour payoff but they are almost a hybrid between a lipbalm and are incredibly moisturising. They are perfect for daily wear and I think they would suit most skin tones because they are quite sheer. Beehive is the most hyped up of the shades but I think I prefer these two shades because they provide more colour.



What Mirror Shine Lipsticks have you tried? 

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