Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Wishes {4}

4th week linking up with Brooke for my Wednesday Wishes. Maybe join in and head over to her blog?


One: Drink less coffee.
I don't think I'm addicted by any stretch but I do drink this every day and maybe I should switch to something else. Any ideas?

Two: Take more building photos.
Buildings are my thing - I love them. I'd like to get into a routine of taking more photos of pretty buildings I see around London. I also need to remember to document where they are so I can go and re-visit. This photo below is of St Pancras Hotel/Station and it is my current London favourite.

Three: Learn how to French Plait.
I love this hairstyle so much, but sadly not only can I not do it in my own hair but I definitely can't do it someone else's hair... I would love to be able to gain this skill.

Four: See friends more.
It is really difficult keeping in touch with friends when they are literally scattered everywhere, but I would love to see everyone more please.

Also, I apologize for a lack of posts recently, the house is being painted and life is a disrupted.
What are your Wednesday Wishes?


  1. LOVE number 3! Thanks for linking up :D

  2. iam a coffee addict too. it's hard to drink less coffee...

  3. I know so difficult right? It is an essential part of my morning. X

  4. Creativechoasbloggers25 January 2012 at 23:08

    You should switch it up to hot chocolate.


  5. Mmmm I do love a nice hot chocolate. X

  6. Mmmm I do love a nice hot chocolate. X

  7. I think we share several of the same wishes, especially #3. I would LOVE to braid my hair like that.  It looks so pretty!  I only drink coffee once a day, but I would love to cut that amount in half.  I've tried to start drinking more green tea.  It's super healthy, plus you get to drink something warm. Unfortunately, it hasn't really helped get me away from coffee :(

    Happy Friday!


  8. I am with you on number three!  Mine turn out so loose and fall out instantly.  I think the buddy system is the only hope for me...


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