Monday, 9 January 2012


You've probably already heard/seen VIVO products around the place so this isn't a particularly up to date post. However, I was in Tesco on Friday and I picked up my first VIVO product so I thought I should give a review. VIVO is like the MUA version of makeup for supermarkets and can be purchased in any decent sized Tesco. They have a HUGE range of products from lipsticks to bronzers along with highlighters and hundreds of eyeshadow shades. The other great thing is that the products are super cheap with the majority not being over £6. Winner.
The product I picked up for £5 was the Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit which comes with a double ended angled brush and foam applicator, a setting gel and 3 shades to choose from.

This product is described as "will add contour and definition to frame eyes perfectly for a professional look"
I've only been using this since Friday but I'm really enjoying it, especially for the price. I have been mixing the 2nd and 3rd shade together as neither suit my eyebrows alone. I doubt I will be using the lightest shade on my brows but it could definitely work as a neutral eyeshadow base. The shadows are easy to apply and are surprisingly pigmented for the price and I love the gel that comes with this kit. It is tiny which makes it ideal for carrying around so that those wandering hairs can quickly be put back in their place.

If you haven't already checked out VIVO then I would really recommend doing so.
The quality is impressive.
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