Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pins #8

Again this week I'll be setting up a link up with this weekly Saturday post. Sometimes when I'm on Pinterest I click so many 'repins' that by the end I haven't really thought about what I've chosen. This blog allows me to reflect back over the new board additions and choose my favourites. Grab the button and link up your page at the bottom. 

Made You Look


1. Rachel McAdams - I recently re-watched The Notebook and loved it all over again.
2. I have a fascination with hot air balloons, I think they are amazing!
3. Nosy, nosy.
4. I want to hold a tea party - this spread is so girly and inviting.
5. Please ignore the words on this packaging but I think it would be perfect for my friend Jo FOX.
6. This is in the Ukraine and I think it is immense. Imagine being on the train going through this tunnel.
7. Easy winter styling.
8. Kate Middleton inspired?! I'm still trying to achieve this look.
9. Pretty, a real statement piece.
10. Lyrics from the song Imagine, so true.

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