Monday, 19 December 2011

Year Review

It is almost the end of 2011, and wow how quickly has it gone?
I just thought it would be a good idea to review the last year, mainly to remind myself about how everything has changed but also to secure the memories for when I look back.
It is also quite fitting that this blog was started in January so hopefully I can capture the whole year in one post.
Super handy that Facebook has this new timeline - makes this post a ton easier to write.

Here goes:


The blog begins.

Connor and Jo visited London.


I visited Laura in Northampton and had a lovely weekend there.

Jeremy's Birthday.


March is Birthday month - Mary held a surprise Birthday party for Nadine and I, Nadine and I had our joint 21st meal and the girls and Jeremy took me on a boat trip for my Birthday. 


Time with Scott when I was at home for the Easter holiday.

THE ROYAL WEDDING - a major highlight of mine, still don't think I've recovered from it to be honest.
Such a fun occasion and I absolutely loved being in London for it. Unforgettable.

I went home over Easter to relax and fit in some revision. The weather was lovely. 


The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual fav of mine - here the UK were top of the board for about a minute.

The heaviest rain of the whole year hit London - I had to make an emergency stop to the shops and this is what I wore #embarrassing.


Connor, Scott, Jo and I hung out again and went to Millets Farm which is a petting zoo. We also picked/fought with strawberries.

Nadine, Mary, DaveP, Zach and I spent one summer afternoon in Hampstead which was a summer highlight.


The first week of summer camp started in the last week July, in Cumbria.

Scott graduated in Nottingham in the middle of July. Proud.


The 2nd week of summer camp happened in Devon. This was the pirate banquet which all the staff dressed up for.

Cat now lives super close to me - good to have her here. 
We visited Highclere Castle (where they film Downtown Abbey) when it was BOILING hot.


Jo, Chazzy and I went on a roadtrip to visit Laura in Sandhurst over the summer - such nice weather. 

Back to London after the Summer holidays - I've missed this sight.


Saw my lovely childhood friend Heather. We met when we stayed on the same caravan site for 6 weeks at a time over the summer holidays. So good to catch up with her in London

Liverpool Staff Weekend - great to see everyone again.


November was such a quiet month the only exciting thing to happen was that Chazzy and Jess visited to do some shopping:


Ice Skating with Stu, Steve and Mazo at The Tower of London this week - so much fun.

The annual Flat 37 Christmas Dinner.

Hope you've all had fulfilling and exciting 2011's.

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  1. Lovely! Can't believe it was only Jan you started blogging! Forgot how many great meet ups we had this year x


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