Sunday, 20 November 2011


I have been slightly uncreative in what I thought I should post about today so I thought I would show you 3 of my favourite everyday make up essentials - all from Benefit.

Lemon Aid, High Beam and Dandelion

As shown by this picture I have had this product for AGES and it is coming to the end of its life.
This product is a blush which is a beautiful pink which is really subtle when used on the cheeks - I love it and definitely use it most days. 
You also get great value for money - it takes forever to use up!
Particularly great in the Winter when you need that extra colour in your cheeks. 

High Beam is a highlighter which you generally use on your cheek bones/top of eyelids just to add some contours to your face. 
Another great product which I have had for ages. 
Great for those days when you just need to give your face a little more definition or just to add some glow.

This Lemon Aid product is an eyelid primer and is a creamy yellow colour. 
This is a fairly new addition to my make up routine but it is really good at getting rid of unsightly veins or blemishes on your eyelids.
Only a tiny bit of product is needed because it is so creamy so this should also last a while - however I've found that it doesn't prevent creasing if eyeshadow is applied after using this primer.
It is much better to use this on its own. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on these products? Or any other favourites?
Hope you have a lovely Sunday. 


  1. Benefit is my favorite! I love the concealer sticks and bronzer! In fact, this reminds me that i'm almost out and need to buy more :( I love make-up shopping, but I hate the bill lol.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I really, really, really want to get High Beam. I'll see if Benefit have any christmas discount codes first though, doubt it!


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