Sunday, 27 November 2011


Over the last couple of months there has been a slight obsession with beauty box samples such as Glossybox. This scheme sends out a box full of samples of beauty items, hair care of make-up for the monthly price of around £10.
I think this idea sounds brilliant but living on a student budget I couldn't justify spending that much a month.
However, I have found an alternative which only costs a £1, which I think is pretty good value.
This scheme is called Latest in Beauty and the idea is that you can try products you wouldn't necessarily have heard about, before you decide to buy them.
An issue some of the other boxes have had is that the products have been totally random and this has sometimes resulted in disappointment. 
With this box you can pick which samples you want to receive from different categories and that way there shouldn't be an nasty surprises.

I got 2 tiny foundation samples in this box and I used one of them this morning and I was really impressed. 
Really great coverage and it gave such a flawless appearance that I felt I didn't need to wear anything else on my face.
It was also a great colour match on my pale skin.

This hand cream smells amazing, I love lavender and it absorbs really well into the skin.

I haven't used these samples yet but I'm excited to try this 3 step process.

As a side note, my lovely sister and her friend Jess came down to London for a day of shopping on Friday, it was lovely to see them:

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

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