Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day 6

Today started so sunny and now it has gone all grey and dull.
 Last night I visited the newest Westfield and the largest shopping centre in Europe in East London.
It was HUGE! And it is super busy! But some great shops and places to eat - also very easy to get to.
Today has been spent doing some job applications - sent my first one off, scary.

Anyway, today is Day 6 and 'A Childhood Memory'
For this picture I had to venture back onto my Bebo page! Some good memories will be always be found on this website.
When I think of my childhood I automatically think of holidays to Northern Ireland - I've been going for as long as I can remember.
We used to spend all summer there and some of my happiest memories are from long summer days spent on the beach. I also made some great, lasting friendships.
So here are some photos from those days.

Ash hiding under the van...

Many nights spent round the picnic table eating fish and chips.

Scott's visit!

And seeing as those photos haven't included any embarrassing baby photos here is one:

A sibling photo!

Have a lovely Sunday. X

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  1. I love seeing old school photos! These are great. Good luck with the job apps. :)


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