Friday, 4 February 2011

Where did you find this delightful clock? What a marvellously unusual jewellery box!

My plan for today was to get up for 5am so that I could visit Bermondsey Antiques market. This is a guilty one for me - I love markets yet I live 5 minutes from this market and I have never been. So today was the day that I finally went.

Although I didn't get up. It may be easier in the summertime but it was far too cold and dark to get out of my warm bed, even if the purpose was to look at some beautiful antiques.
So I did finally go on the way to catch my bus to uni and I was disappointed although it was my own fault. When I arrived at about 11am the majority of the stalls were empty. 

There were some lovely silver candlesticks and lots of cutlery which reminded me of dinners at my grandparent's house. Although most of these would be redundant in a student flat like mine. The silver jewellery was also nice and half price. Definitely worth a look. 
My little book states that this market is London's most famous antiques market with plenty of unusual pieces. You pay for quality here so it may be quite expensive but you can find gems. Another tip is to not look at the first stall you see. The same similar item may be £5 cheaper on the next stall.  

The moral of today - the early bird does catch the worm! And I will definitely try to get back to this market to see its morning glory but in the summer time.

Friday 4am-1pm

Enjoy. XX


  1. cute blog! and i love your banner!!!

  2. I remember looking for bootleg CDs at those types of London markets.

    Interesting places.

    Dr. Russ Murray/Russ


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