Thursday, 27 January 2011

"Oranges and lemons" say the bells of St. Clement's

I know it has been over a week but I've been snowed under with what feels like thousands of essays. But this afternoon after a morning stint in the British Library I decided on the way home to have a browse of Borough Market.

Borough Market is one of Europe's leading food markets and I can definitely see why. The place is bustling and there are so many smells to smell and sights to see. I almost believe that if you needed any sort of fresh produce you could get it here. So many things that just aren't available in the local Tesco or Sainsburys. 

This market, unlike many other food markets, has not placed restrictions on where the food produce is from or the geographical distance from London. Although I don't necessarily agree with this unsustainablity the encouragement really does make for a much more relaxed, vibrant market which is just a nice place to wander and absorb on a weekday lunch time. Make sure you visit all the different areas - it is well signposted. 

Everything is so varied. A whole stall (Utobeer) dedicated to continental beers (600 varieties!!) which I haven't seen anywhere else in London, alongside grocers selling 20 mushroom varieties, when you would be fortunate to find 3 types in a supermarket (not that I like mushrooms). One stall even sells Ostrich meat and the popularity of this market has enabled the producers to sell for a profit which is always a good thing. The market is also home to the Monmouth Coffee Company which is regularly given the title of best coffee in London. 

All the stalls have one thing in common: TASTERS. It you want to try anything, even if you have no intention to buy the product, they are more than happy for you to try a niblet of  unusual cheese on a cocktail stick. The one major downside of the market is because it is so famous and loved they can charge rocket high prices. I didn't buy anything today but I remember when I first came to London I naively spend £3 on a melon!! Even if you don't spend any money it is still an enjoyable place to just mill around, in a great location next to Southwark Cathedral and the Globe pub, home to Bridget Jones. You also get a great close up view of the HUGE Shard. You may also recognise the market from a Spooks episode in the last series.

The closest tube station is London Bridge which also has plenty of bus connections. Check it out on a dull Saturday afternoon.
Thursday 11am-5pm
Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-4pm


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