Monday, 17 January 2011

I like it in the city where the air is so thick and opaque.

Finally I'm back in London and I decided to start as I mean to go and on, so after my morning lecture I went to Covent Garden to see the renowned market. 

Covent Garden is pretty famous for its market with thousands of tourists visiting this area of London. Fortunately it is only a 5 minute walk from uni and although it was pouring down with rain I was armed with my trusty Hunters and an umbrella. In recent years the market has shrunk somewhat to allow modern, high street chain stores to enter the Piazza and around the square however 2 main areas remain.

The Apple Market is found within the Piazza itself and this area is surrounded by shops on both sides. When I arrived not all the stalls were filled so this is probably because I arrived at the wrong time. There was a framing stall alongside one selling old printing templates, both were fairly expensive I thought. From outside the market I was greeted with a Katherine Jenkins like sound from the lady pictured below. Her voice was just beautiful. It is quite normal for people to busk/perform in this area and many tourists come here to see the famous street performers.

The other market is the Jubilee Market and this has a huge number of stall and was also covered like the Apple Market. Some of the stalls were tourist oriented with key rings and t-shirts being sold but as today was a Monday the other stalls were selling antiques which made for great browsing. This area of Covent garden was bustling with all sorts of people pouring over the stalls which were crammed with glittery things to look at.

I just love this photo. So many of the stalls had jewellery piled like this - a miniature Aladdin's Cave right here in the centre of London. It was amusing to watch the tourists trying to untangle a necklace from this pile. The majority of stalls were selling jewellery and it you want to buy a unique/unusual brooch then this really is the place to go. I'm not a huge brooch buyer but if you need to buy a present for someone then you will definitely find something here to suit most people.
There was a lovely stall filled with old cameras but the man wouldn't let me take a photo which was sad and slightly ironic - so make sure you have a look. 
I didn't buy anything today although some of the rings are really stunning - none were my size unfortunately. Sterling silver rings were generally priced between £5-20 which I think is pretty reasonable.

This area is super easy to get to with its own tube station which the Picadilly line runs through although bus links are also good. The RV1 takes me right to my front door near London Bridge and many buses from all directions stop in Aldwych which is only a short walk away. Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square are both close too.

I visited on Monday which was specifically an antique day, open from 10.30am - 7.30pm.
Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am - 7.30pm is a general market with some arts and craft stalls.
So take your pick.


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  1. A helpful article and blog in regard to touring London. Not sure if you are looking for more followers with Google/Blogger but I am always looking for reciprocal followings with my blogs, thekingpin68 and satire and theology.

    Cheers, Ms.Rankkers and all the best with your studies. I just finished my PhD (Wales) via distance learning. I live in Greater Vancouver.


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